Residents in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants find modern hypnotherapy meets their demands

After I opened my hypnotherapy clinic in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants, one of the first things I noticed was the high percentage of people coming in to see me for anxiousness. A lot of my initial clientele seemed to be anxiety based difficulties, like travelling phobias and challenges going out by themselves.

To start with I wondered if there was any environmental factor in and around Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants that could be liable for the level of anxiety and panic clients I was seeing. My conversations with other hypnotists from different parts of the country revealed that it was pretty much the norm. It appears that in general, UK hypnotherapists see anxiety clients in around the same proportions.

My work with weight reduction clients in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants was also met with eagerness. It could be the effectiveness of my hypnosis sessions or simply the results of using a hypnotic approach for weight control that excited the locals in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants. One thing is for sure my bookings have risen since the early days.

Though I practice in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants, what I have discovered is that, more and more, I seem to be attracting consumers from a lot of nearby towns like Fareham, Havant and Waterlooville

Hypnotherapy is such an efficient way to resolve issues that as my practice grew I worked alongside local people on quite a few varied types of problems, such as:

Stop smoking tobacco

Pain relief



Self worth

Test nerves

Terror of swimming, enclosed spaces and feeling trapped.

To mention just a few.

Over time, I have worked alongside quite a few Drayton, Portsmouth residents making use of hypnotherapy and collectively I hope we have made Portsmouth, Hants just a little bit better.

Something I have realised is that the people of Portsmouth, have a great durability and strength as they have been dealing with these problems, normally for many years, and yet they have been getting on with their lives even with their problems. As you walk around Drayton, and the surrounding areas, you would never guess that people are coping with, quite frequently, considerable problems in their lives. And if you are at this time living with problems, it can be quite a comfort to know that you are not alone.

It’s not essential to let the things that happened to you, from the first second you left the womb till now, have a permanent effect and a hypnotic approach is a very effective tool that will help you create the change you need to make your life better. I have people travel from all over the area to come and see me, not merely from Drayton, Portsmouth, but also Winchester, Fareham, Chichester and even Southampton (On production of passport of course) J.

Perhaps hypnosis could make a positive change in your daily life? If you live anywhere in Hampshire or West Sussex and you think it could, why not contact me and see if we can make an impact on your life.

Chris Russell from The Manor Consultancy has been working in Drayton, Portsmouth, Hants for a long time as a professional hypnotherapist.

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