Relationship Therapy

Relationship Therapy

  • Do you want to bring the smile back to the relationships within your family?
  • Do you have difficulty in forming lasting relationships?
  • Maybe you suffer from performance anxiety?
  • Maybe you wish to end a relationship?

Whatever the problem I can help you.

The way that we think and feel about people, animals, objects and events in our lives can be changed through the tremendous power of your Deep Inner Mind.

Through Deep Inner Mind Hynotherapy the power of your mind can be harnessed to help you.

Over the last twenty years I have dealt with a wide variety of relationship and Psychosexual Problems from ‘growing apart' over the years and your original feelings for each other not being as strong as they once were to finding it difficult to socialise, either talking one to one, dating, or going out for a drink or to a restaurant.

All problems and issues are dealt with a confidential and sensitive nature.

How many Hypnotherapy Sessions will I need?

You can expect somewhere in the region of four but no more than six weekly sessions.

Your therapy is further enhanced through the use of a Mp3 which assists you to relax and reinforces the hypnotherapy each time you play it (which also reduces the number of sessions you are likely to require).

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