I have the experience and skill to help you to overcome your phobia or fear.

By using Deep Inner Mind Therapy and techniques such as NLP, I can free you of your fear or phobia, giving you a permanent and lasting positive change.

In my twenty years experience I have helped many people overcome their worst fears and phobias which has allowed them to move forward in their lives.

Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia can often linked with Belonephobia, the fear of Needles and Hematophobia, the fear of Blood.

Dental Phobia can take the form of a severe fear of the Dentist, of Needles and of Blood, either all together to some degree or just one element.

I am a registered member of The Dental Anxiety Network, which aims to assist in developing expertise, knowledge and practical experience in the area of dental anxiety.

It does this through information sharing, problem solving, networking and research.

Deep Inner Mind Therapy can also be used to help with

  • AGORAPHOBIA - The fear of open spaces
  • OCHLOPHOBIA - The fear of crowds
  • ZOOPHOBIA - The fear of animals
  • CLAUSTROPHOBIA - The fear of enclosed spaces
  • AEROPHOBIA - The fear of flying
  • ARACHNOPHOBIA - The fear of spiders

How many Hypnotherapy Sessions will I need?

You may be free from your phobia in three or four sessions, depending on the complexity of your fear.

The more complex phobias, such as social phobia will take between four and six sessions.

What I want for my clients is a permanent lasting change, freeing them from their phobia for ever.

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