Deep Inner Mind Hypnotherapy is able to bring about many changes within your mind and body.

Hypnotherapy can control pain and speed up the healing process as well as help with many problems over which the conscious mind has no control and bring about physiological changes that are governed by the mind.

Please take a look at the variety of areas that we can help with – if you are having problems with something that is not listed then please Contact Us.

Initial Assessment

Before we enter into individual hypnotherapy you will need to have an initial assessment which is free of charge. You may bring a friend or partner with you if you wish.

The assessment is there to give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and allows you to make an informed judgement as to whether you wish to commence hypnotherapy.

It allows me to assess your suitability for Hypnotherapy and your desire for change. Hypnotherapy does require a level of commitment to do things that need to be done in order for change to be effective.

During the assessment we will also decide on the number of sessions you are likely to need – it is rare for therapy to require more than six sessions before the desired change is made. (Hypnotherapy for IBS may take six to eight sessions).

At the end of the assessment you will be given relevant literature to read, as well as comments from those who have completed their course of hypnotherapy.

Next Step

When you decide to go ahead, we will begin your first session immediately.

You are asked to commit to just two sessions. After your second session you will be able to book and pay for your third, and the same after your third session and so on until you feel you no longer require Hypnotherapy.

All therapy is backed up with a free CD to support you as change is taking place.

If either of us decide that Hypnotherapy is not for you then of course there is no charge.

My Fees

Paying by Cash

Initial Payment (non-refundable): £100 for two sessions inclusive.

Subsequent Sessions: £65 per one hour session.

Paying by Debit or Credit Card

Initial Payment (non-refundable): £110 for two sessions inclusive.

Subsequent Sessions: £70 per one hour session.

Quit Smoking and Gastric Band Hypnotherapy come as a package, please see the relevant section for details.