High Blood Pressure

You are probably reading this because either you, or a loved one, suffer from High Blood Pressure or Hypertension as it is known in the medical world.

Hypertension generally means that you have a blood pressure reading in excess of 140/90 mmHg and is usually treated by prescribed medication. This only masks the problem and does not cure it. Medication can have adverse effects which can be very unpleasant indeed!

There is a highly effective alternative that can eliminate or reduce the need for medication which can improve the quality of your life and health. The programme is run in conjunction with your medication at first and our aim is to involve your GP through this process to a healthier life.

You may be wondering why your GP cannot help you in the same way. Well the answer is that your GP could but simply does not have the time to take patients through a programme such as this.

The most common form of hypertension is known as called Primary or Essential Hypertension and for 90% of sufferers there is no known cause so doctors can only work to manage the symptoms, rather than the causes of the problem.

The second form of hypertension is in fact called Secondary Hypertension which means that it is secondary to an established problem.

You can regain control of your blood pressure with the Hypnotension Programme helping you to a healthier life through changing contributing factors such as

  • Diet
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Salt intake
  • Exercise
  • Stress Levels
Results are usually achieved through six enjoyable sessions.

Fees are charged as shown under My Fees.

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